Birth Parent National Network

bpnn imageThe Birth Parent National Network (BPNN) is working to promote and champion birth parents as leaders and strategic partners in prevention and child welfare systems reform.


Legislative Updates

Announcing two very exciting developments:

  • Family First Prevention Services Act became law. Your individual and collective work has contributed to and informed this historic legislation.
  • Casey Family Programs' CEO William C. Bell testifies at a U.S. Senate H.E.L.P. Hearing

The hearing was on the impact of the opioid crisis on children and families. In his testimony, Dr. Bell cited the issue briefs the BPAC and BPNN developed on prevention and substance abuse and incorporated many of the priorities that you have consistently lifted up and shared with us and other key stakeholders.

Building Bridges

An article published in the Chronicles of Social Change regarding the recent work of the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership in helping to improve relationships between birth parents and foster parents and ultimately create better outcomes for children and families. Interviews with China Darrington, BPNN parent from OH, Robyn Robbins, foster parent from CA involved in the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership and Jeremiah Donier, BPNN parent from WA.

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Birth and foster parent partnership is working to improve policies and practices for families and children.

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Calendar of Events

Get information to register for the meeting webinars that occur in February, April, June, August and October 2018.

Issue Briefs - Exciting New Resources

Check out the new publications developed with a parent perspective. BPNN Structured Conversations helped to inform these two new issue briefs on Prevention/Early Intervention and Substance Abuse.

Prevention and Early Intervention

What Parents Say...


What Parents Say Works...

Substance Abuse Recovery

What Parents Say...


What Parents Say Works...

BPNN Parent Partner Compendium

Virtual Convenings

Learn more about the each virtual convening, watch recordings of the webinars, and read about the speakers


2018 Casey Excellence for Children Awards

The 2018 Award Recipients have been announced and two are BPNN Members!

Read about all the recipients and watch the videos

BPNN Activities and Purpose

Activities include:
  • Speaking out and influencing child welfare and other systems reform
  • Sharing parent stories from across the country that highlight the many successes and challenges that families face
  • Identifying opportunities for improved policies and practices that lead to better outcomes
  • Communicating to policymakers the importance of critical supports that help families build protective factors and reduce risks

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The BPNN is actively recruiting parents and organizations that work with parents to join the BPNN to promote and support the voices of parents in reforming policies and practices that effect children and families. The dynamic BPNN membership consists of:

Parents who:

  • Have experienced challenges and have been at risk of child welfare involvement
  • Have been previously involved with the child welfare system
  • Have high interest in engaging in policy work and sharing their stories with policymakers and other stakeholders
  • Are committed to a strength-based, preventative approach for systems that interact with families

Organizations that are:

  • Committed to identifying and supporting parents as strategic partners in policy work and system reform
  • Interested in sharing materials and resources with their peers and colleagues nationally

The Alliance with its long-term commitment to parent partnerships and its well-established national network of state children's trust and prevention funds, has joined with Casey Family Programs (CFP) and other key partners, including birth parents, to support the BPNN.

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BPNN Training Webinar Series

BPNN Members meet six times per year by webinar for education and information sharing. These webinars and other resources are posted on the private members-only BPNN website.

Access this page to view a sample public policy webinar.
This training focuses on tips and information to prepare birth parents to effectively participate in a range of policy activities, such as giving personal testimony, educational meetings with policymakers, etc. The training also includes two excellent video clips prepared by BPNN parent members, Rena Moran and Denise Moore. A “Frequently Asked Questions” document is also posted on the website.